Annotated Bibliography On Smoking

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Anthony Drzewiecki Professor Stout ENG-1113-TR05S 19 April 2015 Annotated Bibliographies Association, American Heart. "Smoking: Do you really know the risks?" 27 Mar 2015. Heart. Web. 19 Apr 2015. <>. The information provided by the American Heart Association lists the dangers associated with smoking and the reasons a person should give it up. It presents a sample list of chemicals used in the manufacturing of cigarettes and goes on to explain what they can cause to the human physical body. The hazard of second hand smoke and how it affects are detailed. Dlugos, Jennifer. "Foods That Reduce Cravings When Quitting Smoking." n.d. Healthy Eating. Web. 18 Apr 2015. <>. This article by Jennifer Dlugos gets right to the point in telling us that most smokers want to quit, but when they try, they struggle. Nevertheless, certain foods can help alleviate those cravings, especially avoiding caffeine, which triggers nicotine cravings. Change your food consumption routine and pay attention to what is recommended by smoking cessation experts. Peirce, Andrea. "Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer to Use than Conventional Cigarettes?" 28 Oct 2013. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 15 Apr 2015. <>.
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