Annotated Bibliography On Sports And Symbolic Interactionism

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Annotated Bibliography
Armstrong, K. L. (2007). Self, situations, and sport consumption: An exploratory study of symbolic interactionism. Journal of Sport Behavior, 30, 111-129.
Examining the influence of self, situations, and the symbolic interactionism of the consumption of sports and the experience of a minor league ice hockey game. The opportunity of self-expression ignited by the sport consumption and experience reported a more likely repeat of an appearance at the games. Theories used to carry out the research include symbolic interactionism theory, and symbolic consumption theory. This qualitative study included 121 questionnaires, made up of 62% male and 38% female ranging from the ages of 18-65 or older. Independent and dependent
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Using symbolic interactionism to improve research of gender and racial inequalities that affect women leaders in higher education, eight women aiming to be in this position participated in semi-structural interviews after attending a leadership program. Theories used to organize data were, Explanatory Theory, Leadership theories, and Symbolic Interactionism. Micro-sociological approach was used to narrow in on person’s interpersonal relations. The qualitative research consisted of eight women enduring approximately 45-minute interview that consisted of 12 questions. Research was supported; participants relate the meaning of leadership to ability/capacity, sensitivity, inspiration, innovation and achievement. They connect leadership to relational skills, emotional intelligence and developing capacity in others. These results are closely related to the hypothesis of how leaders are expected to have specific characteristics and roles that they play in the workplace. In conjunction to the previously supported results, gender stereotyping hinder women from furthering their careers in leadership due to the expectations of who/how a leader should act and be like, acknowledging this women take on “aping” adopting hard skills and negating soft skills. Taking on a masculine type of management, this supports the hypothesis of symbolic interaction,…show more content…
Symbolic interactionism was used to understand and prove that student and worker identity need to be compound rather then separate. Theories used to organize data and further research was, student identity, professional identity, and practice and professional education. Semi-structural individual interviews included 15 participants, 9 female and 6 male, ranging from ages 22 to 55 years old were used to gain information about their personal lifestyle. A series of interviews were conducted to construct a well developed background needs a persistent process. This qualitative approach was partially supported; time, insufficient resources and workload are reasons to preventing participants from reflecting on knowledge that would help within their

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