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Annotated Bibliography Lack of customer satisfaction and barriers to communication in Starbucks. Ang, L., & Buttle, F. (2012). Complaints-handling processes and organizational benefits: An ISO 10002-based investigation. Journal of Marketing Management, 28(9/10), 1021-1042. Lawrence Ang is Associate Professor of Marketing, at the Department of Marketing and Management, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Lawrence Ang has published over thirty scholarly articles. Francis Buttle is Visiting Professor of Marketing and Customer Relationship Management at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia. In their article they conducted analyze of possible relationship between complaints-handling processes and a number of marketing-related…show more content…
An anomaly in the company's corporate culture is considered in which although Starbucks is a large international business enterprises, it focuses on the development and introduction of new products and innovations. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Howard Schultz states that innovation in business has no relationship to the size of a business enterprise. Dub Hay, a Starbucks employee who is in charge of tasting and evaluating new coffee blends, discusses the development of a light roast coffee used as an example of a new product by…show more content…
Topics discussed include Starbuck's aggressive expansion in places such as China and his turn over of day-to-day operations to Troy Alstead to concentrate on Starbucks' next-wave goals, how he took risks to restore Starbucks after its stock price went down to 7.83 U.S. dollars and Starbucks's integrated mobile platforms at the center of its instinct to innovate. Lorenzetti, L. (2014). Where Innovation Is Always Brewing. Fortune, 170(7), 24. The article presents information the success of the coffee company Starbucks. Topics include details on Starbucks' focus on the company's employees, or partners, and the effect on sales and customer satisfaction, details on the company's benefits for employees such as tuition reimbursement, and mention of the company's innovation through items such as their Starbucks Rewards mobile-payment application. Wong, V. (2015). Coffee, mate. Bloomberg Businessweek, (4411), 78. The article discusses the impact of coffee beverages such as "flat white" on the sales of global coffee company Starbucks Corp. Topics discussed include remarks of Canadian-American economist Alex Tabarrok, launch of the company's stores in Great Britain and views of company's chief strategy officer Matthew Ryan on the commitment of the company to become a leader in coffee

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