Annotated Bibliography On The Inhumane Treatment Of Animals

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Matthew Walsh Professor Parks Enc. 1101 6 Nov. 2014 Annotated Bibliography "Details of slaughterhouses enrage." St. Petersburg Times [St. Petersburg, FL] 29 Apr. 2001: 2D. Florida Newspaper Database. Web. 2 Nov. 2014. The St. Petersburg Times published an article about the inhumane ways that animals are being treated and killed in factory farms. Although there are laws protecting the animals there is no effort to enforce those laws, factory farms continue inhumane practices regularly. Many people are unaware of what really happens at these farms and this article exposes the lies that factory farms are hiding behind. Society has come to a profit at any means necessary and the proper treatment of animals is the last things factory farms will worry about. This newspaper source will contribute a great deal of information to my paper as it contains many viable facts about the inhumane treatment of animals, and how factory farms work around the government regulations. Lessing, Ariele. "Killing Us Softly: How Sub-Therapeutic Dosing Of Livestock Causes Drug-Resistant Bacteria In Humans." Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review 37.2 (2010): 463-491. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 Nov. 2014. This peer-reviewed journal covers the way factory farms are giving the animals doses of antibiotics to prevent the risk of disease. As a result factory farms are endangering the public health causing antibiotic resistance. There is scientific data that reassures the dangers to public

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