Annotated Bibliography On The Perceptions Of Fairness

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Yoonsung Choi Lindsey Lanfersieck Microtheme 3 5/01/2016 Annotated Bibliography Inquiry question: What does fairness looks like and is fairness necessary for realization of social justice? Welsh, Nancy A. "Perceptions Of Fairness In Negotiation." Marquette Law Review 87.4 (2004): 753-767. Academic Search Premier. Web. 30 Apr. 2016. Nancy A. Welsh’s essay describes briefly what distributive and procedural fairness are and examines how people perceive fairness. Moreover, she addressed the criteria people use to judge fairness. For judging distributive fairness, which means outcome’s fairness, people use competing four basic principles – equality, need, generosity, and equity. In contrast to the distributive fairness, for procedural fairness, people use the consistent criteria to judge whether the decision making process was fair. Welsh’s essay will demonstrate perception of fairness in terms of social behavior and psychology and how fairness can be defined within various contexts, which are other essays I will use. Welsh’s essay will help my essay define many interesting aspect of fairness in general. Walton, Andrew. "What Is Fair Trade?." Third World Quarterly 31.3 (2010): 431-447. Academic Search Premier. Web. 30 Apr. 2016. In “What Is Fair Trade?”, Walton explains what Fair Trade is along with the questions ‘What is “fair trade”?’ and ‘Is Fair Trade “fair trade”?’. He also asserts that there is a lack of understanding of how we should

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