Annotated Bibliography On Fairness

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Annotated Bibliography

Inquiry question: What does fairness looks like and is fairness necessary for realization of social justice?

Welsh, Nancy A. "Perceptions Of Fairness In Negotiation." Marquette Law Review 87.4 (2004): 753-767. Academic Search Premier. Web. 30 Apr. 2016. Nancy A. Welsh’s essay describes briefly what distributive and procedural fairness are and examines how people perceive fairness. Moreover, she addressed the criteria people use to judge fairness. For judging distributive fairness, which means outcome’s fairness, people use competing four basic principles – equality, need, generosity, and equity. In contrast to the distributive fairness, for procedural
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He also asserts that there is a lack of understanding of how we should conceptualize Fair Trade. Walton argued that Fair Trade is best characterized as an attempt to found a system of global market justice in a non-ideal world. The idea of Fair Trade will demonstrate what “fairness” of Fair Trade means. This fairness can be categorized into Welsh’s perception of fairness or it can be a new concept of fairness. Walton’s essay will help me understand fairness as another aspect of social justice and the relationship between fairness and…show more content…
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Bharadwaj’s essay describes fairness and social justice based on individual deservingness and how fairness is different from social justice. She asserts that fairness is about input-based deservingness and results in outcomes based on proportionality while social justice includes deservingness based on common group membership and results in outcomes that the group have relatively equal.
Bharadwaj explained fairness as individual deservingness, which is different from social justice as fairness. He interpreted Affirmative action as conflict between the value of fairness and social justice. In contrast, Klijnsma and Walton present fairness as social justice in their essay, and Christiano defines fairness as equality in his essay. Bharadwaj’s essay will provide insight into the other aspect of comparison of fairness in various principle and it will be discussed in my
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