Polynesia's Genius Navigators Summary

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Annotated Bibliography Clark, Liesl. "Polynesia's Genius Navigators." PBS. February 15, 2000. Accessed March 04, 2018. The NOVA article Polynesia’s Genius Navigators by Liesl Clark gives an overview of how Polynesian culture navigated their way through the largest body of water in the world using instruments of nature. When islands became over populated Polynesian voyagers built canoes made out of wood and braided fibers. They used the natural signs from nature such as, clouds, swells, starts and the sun to navigate though thousands of miles of open water. This article explains the incredible navigation and voyaging skills that ancient Polynesians had and how they verbally passed their knowledge down from generation to generation. This…show more content…
Hunt, Carl P. Lipoc, and Atholl J. Anderson. "Hawaiian Voyaging Traditions ." Discovery and Settlement of Polynesia. April 21, 2011. Accessed March 04, 2018. Hawaiian Voyaging Traditions is and article about the origins of the Polynesian culture and how it became what it is today. It talks about traditions with fishing, voyaging long distances, migrating and settling on different islands. This article is a great overview of how the Polynesian culture ended up where they did and how they have continued their culture navigating all over the Pacific Ocean. This article runs though the history and change of the Polynesian culture, voyaging and the Pacific Ocean in general. This article is reliable sources and has great information regarding the history of the Polynesian culture. It is very useful to help you understand who the Polynesian people are and how they live their lives. This article differs form other articles in my bibliography because it goes into detail about many more things other than just voyaging. When you read it you get a feel of how Polynesian voyagers navigated though the Pacific Ocean but you are also able to get a feel of how they lived and survived on these islands they discovered. This article is written and published in a website for discovering and settlement of Polynesia. Because of this it might be a little biased towards the Polynesian culture. It does not effect the information much but it is important to look out for biased opinions about what the Polynesian cultures did and continue to do
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