Annotated Bibliography Project

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The role I am playing in the Annotated Bibliography Project is a timeline coordinator, who is responsible for monitor the whole progress of the project to make sure that we would complete every part before due dates. We should be supposed to submit Memo one by Friday class time last week. However, since I did not read the instruction carefully, I failed to remind my group members to finish this assignment on time. Fortunately, Professor Hemstrom extended the deadline for our work delayed due to my carelessness. Although this is an individual work instead of a group work, I am a time line coordinator and I have the responsibility to remind my group members. This week I have read the instruction very carefully to make sure that I fully understand…show more content…
Each one of us will discuss three to four sources. Furthermore, the most difficult part for me on this project is not how to communicate with my teammate and how to prepare my writing, but how to manage my time. I have three classes on this summer session and I have two midterms needed to review. I am struggling with planning every minute of my day around studying for the midterms. I am afraid of if I have enough time to prepare my own part at work days. However, I will try my best to finish my part of the project because this class is very important to me. Also, this project is a group work; if I fail to finish my part as our professor expected; the whole project will get a low grade. It is unfair for other group members. So far, I have finished analyzing one source already. For the rest of two, I will write them on this weekend. There will be a group meeting this weekend. We plan to write the presentation context and prepare PPT. Jingying Zhu, as the Operations Manager, will introduce us what special job we need to do when we will meet. She is very responsible; I trust her a lot. Our group members had written the introductory part of the Annotated Bibliography Project together on Wednesday. According to our Professor, it was unnecessary to let everyone to do the presentation, so we decided to let Yam Kwok Wai (the Presentation and Design Coordinator) do the presentation, and rest of us will write the context and find some pictures and design the
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