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Annotated Bibliography

Shapiro, Jordan. "Education Is the Key to All Global Development Goals." Forbes 3 Oct. 2015. Print. An interview proposing that education should be available to all areas of the world. Julia Gillard, the interviewee and also former Prime Minster of Australia, has invested her time in the Global Partnership of Education. An organization dedicated to developing education, technology, and resources to those that need it most. In this interview Gillard talks about what works for education and where education focus has failed.

"2012-2013 Average Starting Teacher Salaries by State." National Education Association, 1 Dec. 2013. Web. Forum dedicated to the issues and actions that focus on Elementary and Second Education and the related Common Core Standards, as well as Teacher Salary by State. Also provides information for future education issues in regards to legislation. The information provided by this site will be used as a persuasive piece, to sway our audience to focus on the relation between teacher salaries and education level heights around the world.
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“The Tyranny of Top-Down Education Reform” The Washington Post” July 2015. Print. An article which delves into the possibility of too much government control in the education system of the United States. This article does not suggest a “fix” for our education reform, per say, but it does address that it is a problem and states the larger problems; large classroom sizes, curriculum change, holding educators accountable, and common core
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