Annotated Bibliography: Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should college athletes be paid? Annotated Bibliography Benedykiuck, Mike. “The Blue Line: College athletes should be paid.” Dailyfreepress. The Daily Free Press. April. 2015. Web. 18 March 2016. Mike says”Students all over the world work hard at the sport that true love and don’t get a lot in return for it”. While college athletes may not exactly be employees, they are more than just students. Consider the life of a student-athlete, though. The average Division I football player dedicates over 43hours per week to his sport, meaning that he spends more than a typical American work-week training and playing football, in addition to his class work. Their work, which generates exorbitant amounts of money year in and year out, deserves Compensation. In the 2013-14 seasons, the NBA grossed $4.79 billion in revenues. That’s over 100 times more than an average NBA player makes in his whole career. NCAA men’s basketball tournament accumulated $1.15 billion in ad revenue, $200 million more than the NBA Playoffs that same year. Despite the staggering profit numbers they generated, tournament participants did not receive one cent for their efforts. The NCAA currently resides in a state of pure hypocrisy. It preaches that its main goal is to educate…show more content…
The NCAA says that they don’t want to pay college athletes because of their scholarships. As the money keeps flowing more and more each and every year, it comes with more arguments about the athletes getting the money that they deserve. Sounds as if college athletes are blindly signing a sheet of paper and the NCAA has an evil smirk saying “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into”. A court case had also gone down about a young college athlete and a car dealership. The dealership was using the athletes to make more sales with his cars and was doing behind the athletes back without
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