Annotated Bibliography: Single Family Rooms

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Annotated Bibliography
Domanico, R., Davis, DK., Coleman, F., & Davis, BO. (2011). Documenting the nicu design dilemma: comparative patient progress in open-ward and single family room units. Journal of Perinatology, 31, 281-288. doi: 10.1038/jp.2010.120.
This study compared the environmental factors in an open ward and compared the results to those collected in the single-family rooms (SFRs). The researchers found that humidity particulates, noise, and exposure to bright light were decreased in the SFRs. In the SFRs there were also decreased ventilator needs, a decrease in days that infants were on total parenteral nutrition (TPN), a faster transition to enteral feedings with breastmilk, and a decrease in nosocomial infections. This study
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Through this research, they discovered that SFR infants gained weight faster, required less medical procedures, has less cases of sepsis, were at a younger gestational age at the time of full enteral feeds, had an increase in attention, a decrease in stress, a decrease in hypertonicity, a decrease in lethargy, and a decrease in pain. For mothers who stayed with their infant in the SFR NICU showed to have an increased in satisfaction, a decrease in stress, an increase in family centered care, and an increase in skin to skin bonding. Nurses who worked in SFR units had a decrease in stress, felt…show more content…
Researchers looked at the noise level, temperature stability, humidity levels, and brightness in each environment compared to the recommended levels set by the Consensus Committee, which is published in the Journal of Perinatology. SFRs were found to be quitter, had the ability to adjust and control the brightness in each room with blinds, the temperature was more stable and able to be individually controlled in each room with a thermostat, and showed to have more stable levels of humidity. This data shows that SFRs are recommended on all aspects relating to their environment.
Vasquez-Ruiz, S., Maya-Barrios, J., Torres-Narvaez, P., Vega-Martinez, B., Rojas-Granados, A., Escobar, C., & Angeles-Castellanos, M. (2013). A light/dark cycle in the nicu accelerates body weight gain and shortens time to discharge in preterm infants. Early Human Develo pment, 90(9), 535-540. Retrieved from 51_A_lightdark_cycle_in_the_NICU_accelerates_body_weight_gain_and_shortens_time

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