Annotated Bibliography: Social Science Research

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Annotated Bibliography: Social Science Research (SSR) Students in Brooklyn Technical High School (BTHS)

Cohen, P. (2016). A Rising Call to Promote STEM Education and Cut Liberal Arts Funding. New York Times. Retrieved from:

With a masters in Public administration, Patricia Cohen, a Domestic Correspondent for the New York Times, critiques state officials’ proposals to cut funding for college students majoring in the humanities in order to push students for careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. She
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Published in Pertanika, a social science journal, the article is primarily geared towards Indian University experts; however, much can be learned by U.S. administrators in intertwining the social sciences and STEM fields. As opposed to suggesting a separate focus on humanities like educators in Cohen’s article did, Sarkar proposes a mixture of important themes to be incorporated in engineering education. In BTHS, not everyone has the opportunity to take humanities courses such as sociology or psychology. Students who are in engineering majors, typically only take the required English and Social Studies courses. Incorporating lessons from humanities into engineering classes at Tech is an idea that will allow students to be more well-rounded, and demonstrate to students the importance of social science…show more content…
Jessica Boccardo is earning her PhD in Public Administration. They focus on specialized, STEM high schools in New York City (NYC) and demonstrate that performance of students from STEM schools does not differ significantly from the performance of students in non-STEM schools. They examined NYC STEM schools’ effectiveness in promoting better performance and closing gender and race gaps in those fields using quantitative administrative data. The audience for this study are parents who are sending their kids to high school, other researchers in the city in the education field, and school administrators. This study is important for me to include in my research because it establishes the importance of creating a STEM track in all high schools and promoting students to go into STEM careers, as opposed to the other articles written by Lace, Newin and Cohen, who focus primarily on humanities. BTHS is a STEM high school that is mentioned in this study; so, BTHS can focus on humanities in addition to the STEM subjects and not detract from students’ performance in the maths and
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