Annotated Bibliography Summary Of 'English And Identity In Asia'

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SafeAssign Logo Help 2014.fall.engl.161.11958 - ENGL 161 Academic Writing II (11958) 2014 Fall Final Draft WP1: The Annotated Bibliography Linshan Chen on Mon, Oct 06 2014, 11:33 PM Submission ID: 58657130 Engl 161 FINAL DRAFT FOR PROJECT #1.docx Word Count: 0 Attachment ID: 79099307 Chen Page 1 Linshan Chen Professor Charitanne Williams English 161 30 September 2014 Final draft for Project #1 Summary for “English and Identity in Asia” Work Cited Richard F. Young. “English and Identity in Asia.” Asiatic 2.2 (2008). Web. 7 Sep. 2014In the article, English and Identity in Asia, the English Linguistic Professor, Richard Young, argues that identity is not shaped by people’s language, but their responses to the society. The factors that can influence the relationship between language and identity varies in different counties, even different classes in a society based on the policies, cultural, history, and economic status. For example, in South Korea, government policies imply all South Korean students to learn more about English, and these policies make South Koreans are more likely to adopt English and to use English as part of their identity. Also, Malaysians use English in their way and create the Manglish as part of their identity. They can use Manglish to distinguish themselves from other countries’ English speakers. Young intends to outline the factors of shaping people’s identity and to make people have deeper understanding of the relationship between

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