Annotated Bibliography: The Arctic People

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Tools 1 for gathering or hunting and 1 household-Ellie
Hunting tool - Poisoned tipped spears for hunting whales I’m not so sure there were poison dart frogs in Alaska - you need to verify this or just say t
Hunting tool- Harpoons for hunting seals and whales made of a sharpened walrus tusk for the head( They would use bones to sharpen tools) that would be attached to a short rod.( The rod would normally made of ivory. Attached to a 6-foot long handle.Household tool- Kayaks made of bones or wood. Then gets covered with sealskinz -Ellie who took these notes?

Household tool-. DogSleds for traveling on land made of bones+skins that was used for transportation and good for scaring bears and other threatened animals -Ellie Elya - I’m curious
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Dwelling-Parker Parker - you need to check a book with more details on how they built their snow houses. I know of one with step-by-step instructions. PLEASE take the time to do this so you have a good summary and more understanding. ELYA can help you since she has not taken any notes.
Sod Houses
Snow Houses (Igloo)
Used hard packed snow for Igloos
When Igloos melt they move into tents
They used driftwood,whale bone, and animal guts to make sod houses.
They used wooden poles and caribou skin to make the tents.
First thing the Inuit did to build Igloos was they would hollow out a space up to thirty feet in diameter and two feet in depth
Then the Inuit would make a long knife and cut blocks of snow three feet long and one and half feet wide and six inches thick
Then the Inuit would stack the ice blocks in circular rows
Then to build a skylight they would they would fit a clear block of ice into the
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