Annotated Bibliography: The Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice

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Nov 1st 2015
““The Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, was a Roman Catholic missionary educator. Edmund is the founder of the Institute of Religion religious brothers: Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers congregation.His parents, Robert and Margaret meters, is bustling tenant. Edmund has six brothers and two sisters, Edmund 's mother had been married before. The family comes to Ireland, but also in order to conduct business affairs. Since criminal law forced to accept the results of Edmund his primary education "hedge school." These are established by the flow of illegal school teachers. Edmund 's parents offered his religious education, and through the local Augustinian monk, Patrick Grace
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He read the Bible regularly and he developed a devotion to St. Teresa of Avila.In 1798, Edmund assisted the Sisters in opening a convent and school in Waterford city as known as Presentation Sisters.”
“The Essential Elements of a Christian Brother Education are Evangelize Youth within the Mission of the Church,Proclaim and Witness to Catholic Identity,Stand in Solidarity with those Marginalized by Poverty and Injustice,Foster and Invigorate a Community of Faith,Celebrates the Value and Dignity of each Person and Nurture the Development of the Whole Person,Collaborate and Share Responsibility for the Mission,Pursue Excellence in all Endeavors.First Evangelize Youth within the Mission of the Church, it means proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed.And it encourage young people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Second, Proclaim and Witness to Catholic Identity,the Christian Brother education give priority to religious instruction with opportunities for faith development and theological
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Provide challenging and enjoyable academic, athletic, and extra-curricular activities.Maintain a structured, caring environment based on Christian values.Foster an atmosphere for creativity.Encourage the development of critical thinking. Cultivate a reverence for life long learning.Deepen an appreciation for beauty, goodness, and truth.Create a climate for the growth of a social conscience committed to peace and justice.Evangelize Youth within the Mission of the Church refers that invest time, energy and resources in the spiritual growth of our young men.Pursue Excellence in all Endeavors regard that the school will provide challenging and enjoyable academic, athletic, and extra-curricular activities.Foster and Invigorate a Community of Faith relates foster an atmosphere for creativity. In sum The mission of Bishop Hendricken High School is to strengthen the relationship of all members of the community with our God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do this through the development of the total human person: heart, mind, soul, and body. And that 's also a the aims of Christian

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