Annotated Bibliography: The Field Of Sociology

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Annotated Bibliography The Field of Sociology. (2008). Retrieved February 12, 2016, from of sociology033108.htm#origins I found this web site to be particularly useful in my research because it helped me to find important information about where the study of sociology originated from and how it started. I found that sociology started because of a lot of the world exploration during the time of its development. Voyagers from the sixteenth and seventeenth century periods would bring back stories of strange cultures and traditions from other countries from around the world. These stories and accounts of different cultures changed the way that people thought about the social order of things.…show more content…
The two figures were Georg Simmel and George Herbert Mead. Georg Simmel and George Herbert Mead were both very influential in sociology and both made their own contributions to the study of sociology. I also found on this website which I am going to use on the power point are the theories they contributed to sociology. Georg Simmel distinguish between general, formal, and philosophical sociology. While, George Herbert Mead analyzed mind, self, and society in sociology and how it shows an outline of social action. Mead 's theory is called Social Self Theory. The information I found on this website is going to be used in my power point because it had information I needed and wanted on my power…show more content…
Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology. (2016). Retrieved February 18, 2016, from The information that I found for the powerpoint on this website was more information about other theories of sociology. The theories that it informed me about were the theoretical Perspectives in sociology. It explained what caused the theoretical perspective to come about. One reason was from the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution drastically changed the material conditions of life. Then it went on to explain how those changes lead to social reformers looking for ways to solve these changes. Which in turn lead to actual research into those problems. Charles Horton Cooley: Looking Glass Self and the Effect of Primary Groups. (2016). Retrieved February 18, 2016, from
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