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The Ford by Mary Hunter Austin, HardPress Publishing (August 23, 2014), original publication 1917. I am using the original which was scanned to create an electronic reader, Kindle Edition. Introduction The Ford novel is set in the early 1900s, during the time when land speculators start buying up land in the Owens Valley along the Owens River to build the future Los Angeles Aqueduct. The main theme is the land dispute from the Owen’s Valley Farmer’s point of view in which people from Los Angeles come to try to buy their land. However, the Anglo American farmers are living in Spanish style adobe homes which they must have taken over after the Mexican-American War. Meanwhile, the American Indians and Chinese are workers on the farms, but are…show more content…
Was it worth it? What impact did this decision have on the people living in the Owen’s Valley and in the City of Los Angeles? What government agencies are in power today to help avoid this in the future? Annotated Bibliography: Carle, David. Introduction to water in California. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009. This book tells the story of California's most precious resource, tracing the journey of water in the state from the atmosphere to the snowpack to our faucets and foods. Along the way, we learn much about California itself as the book describes its rivers, lakes, wetlands, dams, and aqueducts and discusses the role of water in agriculture, the environment, and politics. The Author, David Carle, worked as a California State Park ranger for 27 years. Cunningham, Laura. A state of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California. Berkeley: Heyday Books, 2010. This books shares the changes in California’s landscapes due to the environmental changes by men, namely the rerouting of water. It gives details of the inland marshes and California grasslands which were abundant in the Owens Valley during times of flooding. History, Mt. Whitney Packers and Owens Valley. Owens Valley History. June 08, 2013.

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