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Jordan Sawyer Owens AP World History, Period 3 18 January 2018 Annotated Bibliography Bentham, Martin. "Raids across Britain Smash Vast People-Trafficking Ring." London Evening Standard [London, England], 6 Feb. 2018. World History in Context. Accessed 7 Feb. 2018. In London, a trafficking circle believed to have brought over hundreds of immigrants into Britain was discovered and stopped. The traffickers would hire certain drivers smuggle their human cargo through ferries or canals into Great Britain. This circle was under surveillance for over a year but the police were not able to get involved until recently when they caught and arrested over 20 traffickers and detained the gang leader. The police also reported poor slave treatment and…show more content…
2017. The Telegraph Online. Accessed 18 Jan. 2018. In this article Ray briefly addresses a human trafficking case in India. A Human Trafficking ring posed as a French Rugby group to convince twenty-five boys from the ages thirteen to eighteen to travel to France for a fake rugby camp. The case was introduced to the Indian and French police as two of the boys managed to escape; however, the location and identity of the remaining teenage boys is unknown as they may possibly already have been sold or put to work. While providing an adequate summary of a tragic event, this source does however lack details about the hostage boys treatment which would provide to be helpful while trying to compare human trafficking of modern times to that of ancient times. What Ray does show is how human trafficking, or slavery, is prevalent in the modern world and the exploitation of men for labor is a continuity throughout history. For example, the Roman Empire thrived off the work of unpaid workers who made up nearly forty percent or more of the empires entire population. In present day the use of slavery is not to the scale it was in the Roman Empire yet it is a continual problem being combated in many…show more content…
2018. Accessed 1 Mar. 2018. Sudan is a large center for human trafficking trade in North Africa. Each month thousands of people from Ethiopia and Eritrea are smuggled and exchanged through Sudanese territories on their way to Europe. Although laws established in 2014 prohibit human trafficking and labor, the issue of human trafficking continues. Recently, Sudanese generals and their British counterparts have come together trying to find ways to battle the human trafficking problem; however, a large center of slave trade is hard to combat, similarly to the large slave trade between the Portugal and Africa in the Transition Era. The Portuguese were on their way to establish a dominant role in Indian Ocean trade, specifically in the spice trade, and they needed labor to help boost their economic goal of controlling the trade routes. The many slave trading centers in Africa provided an easy and somewhat nearby location for the Portuguese to obtain slaves for labor. Today, Africa seems to have remained a central location for slave trade as the document demonstrates the amount of human hostages that are sent to Europe through Sudan every

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