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Annotated Bibliography
Berlatsky, Noah. “When Men Experience Sexism.” The Atlantic. 29 May 2013. Web. 25 Oct 2015. In this article, the author explains the many ways men are discriminated against. Moreover, her describes how sexism against men is often dismissed by society and why. He explains, “Society 's scandalous tolerance of rape in prison seems like it is also related to a general indifference to, or even amusement at, sexual violence committed against men.” The author describes how harassment against men in prison is often looked over by society because it seems to be a regular occurrence. This is important because it shows how most people don’t even think about sexism in that way. The author goes on to state that men, “suffer not
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She argues that we will never reach gender equality if we continue to dismiss sexism against men as a real issue. She explains, “My ultimate nightmare is that my daughter will get anorexia and/or want to become a pole dancer. My worry for the boys is that they 'll face bullying and/or get mugged as teenagers. Statistically, the latter is more likely.” This is a helpful quote because it shows how sexism against men is real while connecting it to her own real life. The author also argues that, “As a society, globally we are much more likely to tolerate violence against men than against women. Most victims of violent crime are male.” This is helpful because it shows that society does not notice sexism against men, or is much more likely to tolerate it, because we are so much more focused on women who are victims of violent…show more content…
Immigration Agency. It also explains how men are discriminated against in general at the Immigration and Customs Reforms agency. The article quotes the lawsuit saying the woman, "created a frat house-type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees." This is important because it shows how the men feel about the situation and why they felt discriminated against. The article also states, “When he threatened to file an internal discrimination complaint … the agency opened four misconduct investigations against him and reopened two others ‘to intimidate him.’” This shows how discrimination against men is different than against women and how it can be dismissed or even turned

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