Annotated Bilbohydrates Experiment

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The unknown substance contained glucose, starch, and proteins. We know that the substance contained glucose because when we added the Benedict Solution, the substance turned from its initial color blue to it’s final color orange meaning the food sample reacted to the solution. We also know that starch was present in the substance because when we used the Lugol 's solution the substance reacted and turned from its initial color yellow to its final color blue/black. Lastly we know that the substance contains Proteins because of its reaction with Biuret solution. When the substance reacted with the solution it turned from its initial color yellow/brown to its final color lilac/violet. The experiment went by easily flowing nicely, although one or two things went wrong, none had any effect on the experiment.
It is very important to know what foods are composed of because, knowing what is inside our food is essential for our health. We need to be aware of what things we are consuming and what we should be consuming for our bodies to function properly. An application for testing what foods are composed of is for health reasons. There are many of us out there that are allergic to things such as
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It was also to see how you can identify which biomolecules are present in a substance or a food. I think we achieved the purpose of this experiment and fulfilled what it intended us to do. As we come to the conclusion, I have learned that my hypothesis is indeed correct and there was glucose,starch, and proteins present in the unknown substance. My lab group personally had no idea what the substance was before or after the experiment took place, because glucose, starch, and proteins are present in many other things so learning that these molecules were present didn’t really help us find out what the substance

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