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Different Types • Paranoid schizophrenia – It is when a person feels extremely suspicious or may be persecuted, or a combination of these emotions. • Disorganized schizophrenia – It is when a person is often unclear and confused in speech and thought, but may not have delusions. • Catatonic schizophrenia -- a person is withdrawn, may have very unusual body positions. • Residual schizophrenia -- a person is no longer experiencing delusions or hallucinations, but has no motivation or interest in life. • Schizoaffective disorder—It is when a person as symptoms of schizophrenia and depression. Causes • Heridity- Tends to run in families • Environment may also be a factor- which includes highly stressful situations for the person. Treatments …show more content…

• Treatment may help. • Medications and therapy can help control Schizophrenia. • Rare cases of serious of serious side effects - People with Schizophrenia may refuse to take medications because of it. • Most commonly Prescribed- Antipsychotic medications. Treatments • Psychosocial Treatment 1) Helps patients and doctors to find a treatment that works. 2) Helps patients to cope with the everyday challenges they are facing. 3) Individuals who partake in regular psychosocial treatment have less chance for these patients to have relapses. And also less chance to get hospitalized. Therapies Some of the therapies include: • Rehabilitation therapy • Family Therapy- this provides support and education to families dealing with schizophrenia. • Support group Old and New Anti-psychotic medications. • Chlorpromazine- discovered in 1952. (First Generation Antipsychotic or FGA) • Risperidone- 1996. (Which is the Second Generation Antipsychotic or SGA) 1. They were focusing mainly on the positive symptoms and were treated successfully treated. Some of the new antipsychotic medications in recent years include: • Clozapine- Used to treat severe schizophrenia. It helps reduce the risk of suicidal …show more content…

• It might be hard for the family members to deal with the symptoms. The family members may also feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities they might have to face and there are chances of financial stress. • The individual may not be aware of the condition. So the family members need to take extra care for the patients. • The individuals may feel confused regarding their family members. This can make the family members feel hurt and frustrated or may be disappointed. • They need to cope with the difficulties and distress the person is feeling. What to do? • Understand and also educate yourself about Schizophrenia- makes easier for the person with schizophrenia and the families to work together on treatment. Families love and support plays an important role in treatment and recovery. They have to be willing to provide whatever help and support needed for the person. • Understand the difficulties of the person. • Respect and support them. • It is very important to get them

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