Annotation In Slaughterhouse Five

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In the book slaughterhouse five, Billy Pilgrim mentions a character, Roland Weary. Weary was the most favorable person back home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In fact, he was unpopular because he was stupid, fat, mean and smelled like bacon “no matter how much he washed”(44). Which leads to Weary always ended up being ditched and him portraying his feelings in acts of violence. Seeing that Weary is repeatedly being rejected in his society and left alone, it contributes to him growing up repressed and in denial about what happened to him, which adds to his fear of abandonment, intimacy, and his low self-esteem. Roland Weary has a fear of abandonment, (which means that he has an unshakable belief that his “friends” or loved ones are going to…show more content…
For him to get emotionally attached to someone because everyone didn’t want to be around with him and that scared him to ever be close to someone. And when he does get close to someone it is like a game, it’s getting back at to the people that left him. To the friends, he makes he does, in fact, do what people did to him in a way. “When Weary was ditched he would find somebody who was even more unpopular than himself, and he would horse around with that person for a while, pretending to be friendly. And then he would find some pretext for beating the shit out of him” (25) Instead of being accepting of his loneliness and everyone ditching him he would use regression (the temporary return to a former psychological state, which is not just imagined but relieved. Also it can involve a return either to a painful or a pleasant experience.) to either unconsciously or consciously go after people lesser than him. And he would befriend them and pretend they are friends. A friend that he longs for and when they get too close to his liking he would “find some pretext for beating the shit out of [them]”, he would do this because to him, betraying that so called friend is helping him lay out all his feelings and express how he felt and make the person feel the way he
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