Annotations Of The Grandmother In Alice Hood's

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Although Hood has the grandmother constantly internalize her feelings towards the child’s late mother, Hood gives no indication that she ever communicated those feelings openly with the deceased woman or to the child and it is as if the grandmother would have the same bond form between herself and the two generations of women that she has formed with the dog she clearly loves, and in the same unspoken manner or if that simpatico of feeling does not result, then the fault must be in the stars and it is simply a matter of destiny that the child will follow her mother as the mother followed the grandmother each of them doomed to make life altering mistakes (71). The grandmother is capable of great courage and sacrifice, but neither of the other…show more content…
As we learn from Hood’s story, the good intentions of the grandmother to spare her granddaughter from repeating the same mistakes, that she and the girl’s mother made, were inhibited by the grandmother’s poor communications, which only drove the girl away and steered the girl in the direction of the same sorts of situations and experiences that would result in the same types of heartaches as two generations of women before her. Knowledge and insight into the nature of things must be shared openly and in clear terms, if it is to result in true wisdom and is the best way to know that even if poor choices are made, we know that the next generation was clearly informed, so the outcome they have is the outcome they created and not the result of a lack of information and that if you want something to be clearly seen, then you should endeavor to generate more light, than
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