Anointed Herald Of God's Kingdom Analysis

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The Anointed Herald of God’s Kingdom: The Pentecostal view of the church is seen as a continuance of an anointed herald of God’s kingdom. an inconsistency among New Testament scholars, in which, they attest that Jesus was charismatic. This is because to have a charismatic ministry goes against what is secular and scientific. Today many do not have the Pentecostal view of ecclesiology, because they do not recognize the transference of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost from Jesus to the disciples. The power of God that enabled Jesus to do signs and wonders is with us too. It is to our advantage, Jesus said, that he goes to the Father, because only then would the Spirit come upon the disciples and they would do even greater deeds than he did…show more content…
Pinnock clearly views the manifest presence of the Spirit as the defining, constitutive element of a distinctly Pentecostal ecclesiology, a ‘power ecclesiology’ that witnesses to the Kingdom of God through the charismatic signs of the Spirit’s abiding activity among the community of faith. Upon reflection on the theme of an anointed herald of God’s Kingdom, I definitely agree with Pinnock. I believe it is accurate to state the on the day of Pentecost a charismatic baton was passed on to the disciples to continue his ministry. A Trinitarian Society: why does God want to work charismatically within the church? The answer lies within Pinnock answers this question with his argument on the theme of a Trinitarian society. God is a giving God, He gave us his only Son, and His Son gave us the gift of the Spirit. The Perichoresis, in which the Godhead is involved is one of giving, sharing, and preferring one another. A Trinitarian ecclesiology pictures the church mirroring the relations of the Triune God. Gifts which are active in a Pentecostal ecclesiology reflect the self-giving nature of the Triune God, they are meant to better the community as a whole, not only the…show more content…
I am in total agreement with Clark Pinnock. All of Christendom needs to regard the Spirit’s stirring among the Body of Christ in Pentecostal groups. The church can fulfill the Great Commission more effectively if we take in the consideration of a Pentecostal ecclesiology. Because the Holy Spirit bears witness to Jesus, and through his presence brings Christ’s presence to the church to endow it with the Father’s presence for the world, a Spirit ecclesiology can and must remain highly Christological and Trinitarian in its theological foundation. I believe that the Acts 2 Pentecost experience is a “reality” operating today, and that the charismatic gifts are the primary means by which the church is made visible to the world today. The goal for an authentic Christian community is to restore the power, message, and lifestyle of the original, Apostolic church. The only way to authentically be the same kind of church narrated in the Acts of the Apostles is to have the same kind of

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