The Dark Net Anonymity Quotes

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Anonymity in the Dark Net
The internet is an interesting place, with a few clicks you can find yourself talking to an old friend or consuming media, like social media, news, and movies, that, if you were in a different time period or even country, would be impossible to consume. But what happens when an individual decides to go deeper into the internet and instead of talking to an old friend regarding old times decides instead to mock and ridicule them over how they are living their lives. To most people, this action would not even cross their minds, if someone found out about them sending hateful words and messages to an unsuspecting individual they would surely be criticized and possibly even ostracized from their community. However, if no
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In real life, Paul was a polite, attentive, and humorous person who seemed like a pleasure to be around. However, on the internet, Paul took on a very different persona. He goes from mild-mannered to raging activist with the click of a button. Some might not think that being an activist is a negative thing, but Paul is not fighting for rights and freedoms for all, he is instead fighting to take away those necessities from people who are not like him. Paul is a white nationalist with a big online presence- he is always ready to speak his mind and the thousands who think like him are always ready to listen. However, when he came across individuals who opposed his beliefs in the real world, he did nothing. Paul is essentially two different people and the change in personality derived off of one thing: anonymity. Bartlett tells us Paul’s story to show how different people can be when all accountability is taken from them, he even goes as far to include the fact that when Paul got overwhelmed with his following he simply logged off of his accounts and created new ones that ensured no one knew who he was. Just like that Paul was a new person with a new reputation and following and no one
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