Anonymous: How My Dad Changed My Life

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“She believed she could so she did.” Anonymous. This is my all-time favorite quote and it has significant meaning to me. It has a special meaning to me, because my dad and I run together. During the summer my dad and I would run together every morning and on weekends we would go on our “log run” for the week. We started out running short distances like 2-3 miles a day and on the weekend 4 miles. Then over the summer we built up to longer runs like 7 miles, and we ran 7 for a couple weekends then the next weekend it went up to 8. My dad is a huge runner fanatic, he has ran 3 marathons and 12 half marathons and many road races like 5k’s.
My dad was helping me train for cross country, when he asked me if I wanted to run the Sioux Falls Half Marathon with him, and it took some convincing but I decided I wanted to. We kept on running 2-3 miles on weekdays in the mornings and building up our long runs even more. They eventually got up to 9, 10, and 11 miles. Every night before our long runs we would have spaghetti for dinner, because pasta is energy, my dad would always tell me to have more and he would say, “It’s like eating energy.” He would also drive out along our running route and plant water
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So he ran by himself and I ran at practice, but on the weekends we would still do our long runs. I often dreaded our longer runs, so my mom always gave me something to look forward to such as; going out to eat or making cookies later that day. The half marathon was coming up soon, and we were as ready as ever. The day before the half marathon I had a cross country meet, and it was tiger bowl. I really wanted to go to the football game, but I had to go to bed really early and wake up early for the run. That night we ate our spaghetti dinner, and then I went to tiger bowl. I left at halftime so then I could go to bed early and be well rested for the day
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