Anorexi Film Analysis

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Before we started to write scripts we mind mapped ideas and scenarios that could happen in our scene and then we started to improvise scenes as a group which helped us gain better knowledge about our characters and their personality traits. We improvised the scene 5 part 2 where Todd meets the Dr.jenkins which helped me write the realistic dialogue for my scene.
The scene I wrote was scene 5 part 2 because I had a great concept for this scene where Todd seeks help and I also help further develop other scenes as well. When writing my scene, I wanted to create a personality for my characters in order for the audience to get a better understanding of my demonstrating of roles. My scene also explored the themes of honesty, confusion
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This information was helpful as it made easier to distance these characters from each other as in terms of personality, body language and accents. Another strategy which I used to expand my knowledge and understand anorexia is by watching documentaries about it. I watched a particular online documentary called “boy living a girl’s world” The documentary dealt with a teenage boy having anorexia talking about where he stayed to recover and how his parents found out about his anorexia. I also watched psychiatrist’s repose on anorexic males and how they them get through anorexia. I made some key notes about the way they spoke, body language and their posture which has helped me adapt my character by looking how doctors communicate with patients which helped me convey to the audience I am demonstrating the role of a psychiatrist as I would have to convey a role of perfectionists who is friendly and keen to help others and my voice will have to be clam and friendly tone to ease Todd’s nerves in scene 5 part 2 and throughout this scene I learnt that my character is trying to help Todd and found what is wrong
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