Anorexia Nervosa Literature Review Essay

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Theoretical Background and relevant studies
The literature review Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy for anorexia nervosa: A systematic review by Lisa Galsworthy-Francis and Steven Allan was done in 2013 and provides further information on the effectivity of cognitive behaviour therapy as a treatment for anorexia nervosa. There has been some evidence that medical treatment alone leads to only little - medium improvements and scientist have realized that treatments should address both, physical as well as psychological aspects. Psychological treatments that are offered usually include Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Focal Psychodynamic Therapy and Family Interventions. In comparison to Bulimia Nervosa, where cognitive behaviour therapy is the treatment of choice, there is no real evidence for a specific psychological treatment for anorexia nervosa. According to Galsworthy-Francis and Allan previous research has shown that cognitive behaviour therapy contributes to the improvement of dysfunctional behaviour and functioning. The aim of the present research is to estimate
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Dalle Grave et. Al. states why this program is successful: “First, the use of CBT-E procedures addressing the key maintaining mechanisms of eating disorder psychopathology, including also the development of personalized relapse prevention skills. Second, the involvement of parents in the treatment to create an optimal family environment that is likely to support the patient’s efforts to change. Third, the open nature of the unit that expose the patients to some potential environment triggers of relapse.” (2014, p. 5). It is suggested that future research should concentrate on the effectiveness of CBT-E (Dalle Grave, Calugi, El Ghoch, Conti & Fairburn,
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