Anorexia Nervosa Research Paper

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Anorexia Nervosa, depression and anxiety can be found in any ordinary person. Anorexia is a life-threatening eating disorder that consists of starving one’s self weight loss. Depression is a mental disorder that makes a person feel hopeless, helpless, and worthless. Depression can also lead to self harm and in the worst case scenario, suicide. Anxiety is a feeling of being worried, nervous or uneasy. There are many kinds of anxiety disorders, for example, there is social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Psychological disorders are usually just pushed aside, but they can be life-threatening and should be taken care of just like a normal illness. Depression is a very common mental disorder found among teenagers. Depression is…show more content…
( Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry about everyday things. ( Anxiety attacks, also known as panic disorder is unexpected panic attacks, which are sudden periods of intense fear that may include palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate; sweating; trembling or shaking; sensations of shortness of breath, smothering, or choking; and feeling of impending doom. ( Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and repetitive, ritualized behaviors you feel compelled to perform. ( Social anxiety is the extreme fear of being scrutinized and judged by others in social or performance situations. ( Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that develops in some people who have seen or lived through a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.…show more content…
( This is an eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they eat. In 1684 Anorexia Nervosa was described for the first time, but it was not until 1870 that it became identified and described with its own diagnosis. ( Anorexia has the highest fatality rate of any mental illness and is estimated that 1.0% to 4.2% of women have suffered from anorexia in their lifetime. There are many symptoms of anorexia. For example, extreme weight loss, dizziness or fainting, dehydration, dry or yellowish skin, thin hair, insomnia and fatigue. ( People with anorexia have a set goal of a certain weight to which they will achieve by starving themselves. Anorexia Nervosa is infact a curable eating disorder. It can be cured by therapy and support groups, certain types of medication or that the person decides to change their ways. ( Anorexia is a life-threatening eating disorder and needs to be taken care of immediately In conclusion, any psychological disorder should be taken as serious as any other illness. Anorexia, anxiety and depression can all be self-diagnosable and self treated or with the help of a peer or an
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