Anorgasmi A Case Study Essay

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Following visual and manual identification of the sensitive genital areas that elicit pleasure, a woman is instructed to apply targeted manual stimulation to these regions.

Training on self-stimulation is directed toward the woman achieving orgasm alone.

Once she has accomplished this, her partner is incorporated into the DM sessions.

Women experiencing FOD have successfully been treated using DM in myriad therapy settings, such as group, individual, couples therapy, and bibliotherapy.

A number of outcome studies and case series report DM is highly successful for treating primary anorgasmia, with success rates up to 92% of women studied

Behavioral exercises involving directed masturbation have been shown to be effective for treating anorgasmia in a variety of modalities including biblio-therapy, group, individual, or couples therapy.
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Finally the use of a vibrator is suggested.

By the time the DM program is complete, 95% of the patients will have had an orgasm.

In patients where sexual inexperience or discomfort is involved, direct masturbation training is advised.

This approach normally lasts from 4-16 weeks.

During direct masturbation training, patients are gradually exposed to genital stimulation and may incorporate role play, sexual fantasy and vibrators to facilitate orgasm.

Direct masturbation training can take place in individual therapy, couples therapy and group therapy.

This technique is extremely effective, resulting in 90% of women becoming orgasmic during treatment.

If prolonged vibrator use does not produce orgasm in a motivated pre-orgasmic woman, more extensive medical assessment is required.

A follow-up appointment should be scheduled within 2–3 months to determine progress and to keep the avenues of doctor-patient communication open.

Treatment for Secondary or Situational Orgasmic

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