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Neglect happens when a child does not get the love or protection he or she needs. Child neglect is just as serious of abuse and is more common than expected. In the memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn the narrator demonstrates a lost connection between the father and son. The narrator displays how Jonathan was absent from his sons life causing him to react in an absurd way. Flynn conveys both parties in the novel ultimately is lost and leading to Jonathan being guilty in abandoning the relationship with Flynn. When the narrator was younger he experiences neglect from both his father and mother. Flynn demonstrates how his childhood has an impact on how one is raised. Since the father of the narrator paid no attention to …show more content…

This is when you are physically or mentally addicted to alcohol, because of alcoholism tensions grow as the separation between the two become greater because of Jonathans addiction. For that reason the narrator says “the first of the month he gets his check, and from this he (hopefully) pays his rent, then buys a gallon or three of vodka.”(Flynn 9). When the narrator sees his father struggling to pay his rent due to his father Mathew 2 addiction it causes him to feel that he lost that fatherly figure. Jonathan put his cravings and wants before looking out for his son causing the absentness of a father for Flynn. Flynn did not receive the proper care and nourishment from the father he always needed and had to fight his way to real world by himself. Flynn once said “some part of me knew he would show up, that if I stood in one place long enough he would find me, like you’re taught to do when you are lost. But they never taught us what to do if both of you are lost, and you both end up in the same place, waiting.” this misplaced state of mind from Flynn shows that he wants to interact with his father. Due to Jonathans absurd acting from his alcohol abuse, Flynn father is responsible for the separation of the two from an early

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