Another Day Another Dollar Analysis

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It is easily seen from this poem that the speaker and his coworkers are blue-collar workers. They all work for different reasons, but what it all comes down to is, they are there for the money. When this poem is written the narrator's family has died and his perspective is changed. He no longer works for a paycheck considering his inheritance money has apparently made him wealthy. Human connection is what he has lost, and is now working for. This poem draws attention to what humans really care about, whether they realize it or not.
The repetition of “another day, another dollar,” is something that every laborer has thought. especially in dead-end, minimum wage careers, the phrase is said. In the line of work for the setting of this story, we know that these people suffer through the pain of work for one reason, cash. The phrase another day, another dollar, is, in fact, their anthem. They chant it to get through the day and remember the purpose for which they suffer. All of these workers have problems that only money can fix. The connotation of the word together leads me to think
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One instance of this is obviously the repeated cliche, another day another dollar. It may seem to the reader an obvious platitude, but these workers truly experience the meaning of the line every day. It is important to think about that from the reader's perspective despite the uncreativity. Denero is a slang term used in line 8. It gives insight to the class these workers are a part of. One other colloquial is used. The term comes in line 7, “keep myself going.” The phrase sums up all we need to know about the narrator. He needed that money just like everybody else if only to stay alive. All of these terms apply to a financial situation. Money is not always easy to talk about so different names for it are thrown around in communities. However, they have to talk about money, because seemingly their lives revolve around
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