Anse And Addie Character Analysis

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The relationships with the characters differ from each person. Some characters are distance, while others are closer. The different emotions shared in the family are caused by Addie and Anse and their relationship. Due to Addie’s and Anse’s unloved marriage, it has affected the children. Addie and Anse were not good parents because their children had to learn everything on their own, this also includes emotions and feelings. Maybe the reason for Addie’s reasoning for the way she treats her children. She was born in a family that caused her to be isolated and lonely, which leads her rushing into marriage Anse. Therefore, for all her life, Addie felt neglected and when she married Anse she hoped for a change. When she was pregnant with Cash she would that she would finally be something, that her presence would be put upon others, and she would finally achieve the meaning of life. However, even though Cash was conceived through violence, there was no conflict between Cash and Addie because he was the first children and he gave Addie a glimpse of life. After the birth of Cash, Addie shut herself off from Anse because when she found out that she was having Darl, she felt that Anse had tricked her. Therefore, she could never accept Darl and he grew up “motherless”. For…show more content…
Addie and Anse do not care, tend, or teach their children. In other words, their children have to fend for themselves. For Addie, she is finding her own demons which was loneliness and tried to fix it by getting married and having children. However, the joy of having a child did not fulfill her, therefore, she did not make try to have a relationship with them. For Anse, his personal wants and benefits took over him, therefore, he could not be a good father. In addition, Addie and Anse have too many personal problems to ever be suitable parent, unfortunately for their children, it has affected

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