Ansoff Matrix Analysis Of Coca Cola

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Segmentation Age is one of the most significant parts of the segmentation of Coca Cola. The main customer of the Coca Cola is young people whose age is 10 to 35. Coca Cola also segment its market based on the income by making little pack. There are Coca Cola’s different prices of containers with different sizes for those whose income is different. The base segmentation for Coca Cola is the family size such as 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L packs to choose based on the family size. Targeting In targeting the consumers, Coca Cola mainly focuses on where students and young people gather mostly. Positioning Coca Cola spends about a billion dollars in trying to influence the new generation and young boys and girls by giving varieties of advertisement and taste. The main…show more content…
For one year marketing plan, Coca Cola can implement the market penetration strategy. Coca Cola’s existing products will plan to gain increased sales in the existing market. The reputation of Coca Cola is already owned in Myanmar markets. The target segments can easily purchase the beverages which are sold with reasonable prices to consumers. Moreover, the Coca Cola Zero which has been launched to the market is in customers’ interest as people concern more about fitness and obesity. Thus, the market penetration of Ansoff is suitable for Coca Cola Myanmar. Part 7 Marketing Programmes 4Ps analysis of Coca Cola Myanmar Product: Coca Cola’s products in Myanmar are Coke, Sprite, Burn energy drink, Max plus, Coca Cola Zero. They produce Cola with different packages such as 300ml, 600ml, 1.25L, 2L and 375ml cans in Myanmar markets. Price: The Coca Cola is sold with the following prices to the consumers based on the value based pricing. Brands Size of pack Pricing Max Plus 300ml(bottle) 350ks Max Plus 1.25L(bottle)
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