Anston Martin's The Twins-Personal Narrative

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“ANSTON MARISSA JENKINS!!!” “Anston Marissa Jenkins,” Anston repeated quietly, “It’s always about Anston Marissa Jenkins.” Anston heard her name being called again. It was no one else but her twin brother Austin. “Come on Anston we’re going to be la..” “Yes Austin, for the millionth time I am ready. I just have to find my sweater.” “Here it is!” Austin shrieked. Racing out the door Anston and Austin nearly knocked their mother over who was returning home from her overnight shift. “Have a good day twins.” their mother said sleepily as she closed the door behind the two. “Twins”. Anston hated being called “the twins”. Anston felt as if people called her and Austin “the twins” when they couldn’t tell them apart. It wasn’t that Austin looked like a girl, but Anston had a boyish appearance. In Anston’s mind she’d go around and threaten anyone who had the guts to discuss her male appearance in her face. Growing up, Anston had no choice but to fight for respect. Even though Austin and Anston were twins, Austin was born first, therefore being the oldest he always made sure Anston knew it, until Anston finally started fighting back. While at first the house seemed hectic with two teens constantly fighting, afterwards Austin had no…show more content…
When Austin and Anston were five, their mother told them their father, John Jenkins, wouldn’t be coming home. When they were younger, they’d sing “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” and in return their father would laugh and chase them with tickles. It was their thing. Everyone has a thing. And that was theirs. Now they don’t have a thing due to a drunk driver. Anston remembered all the hatred she felt. How could such a low-life take their father’s life. John Jenkins was a respectable man, a fire chief, was well known throughout the community, and most of all a father. Anston never understood how her father was a man who risked his life to save others, but yet his life taken so
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