The Hero's Journey In Ant-Man

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In the Marvel blockbuster Ant-Man, Scott Lang, a thief just released from prison,undergoes the hero’s journey into Ant Man, a superhero with a powerful suit. All while undergoing this transformation, Scott Lang attempts to repave his everyday life from crime and recklessness to a responsible adult all while trying to have his daughter be proud of him for who he has become and to care for her while dealing with the temptation of his former life. The most notable stages are the departure stage and the return stages. Ant Man 's departure stage starts with Lang’s call to adventure. The call to adventure is when he gets approached by Dr. Hank Pym, who gives him the suit, which serves as the call to adventure. Lang, after taking the suit and seeing the powers of the suit after shrinking himself to an insect, which acts as a crossing of the first threshold and his refusal of the call, returns the suit to Pym, who then convinces him to become the next Ant Man, which acts as the belly of the whale. His supernatural aids are Pym and the daughter of Pym, Hope who will transform and give him the necessary traits to become the new hero and defeat Yellowjacket, the enemy.…show more content…
The departure stage revolves around this time before the book’s events, as the author provides no insight of this important character’s journey. With critical thinking, however, the hero’s journey can be fabricated from an analysis of the book’s events and the information given within it. As a result, Darrel’s hero’s journey can be his upbringing of his guardianship of Ponyboy and Soda, his younger brothers, who he must take care of after his parents die in a car
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