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Sushma Karki Professor Jacqueline Bradley English 1302 November 6, 2017 Protagonist and Antagonist of Antigone Antigone is a famous Greek tragedy story by Sophocles. This story about a young girl who punished by a king, for breaks the king’s decree. In this play, two main characters move forward the story from starting to climax and climax to end. One of the characters of this play is the antagonist and another is the protagonist. The protagonist is a good guy, who plays the positive role model role in the play. The antagonist is a bad guy who play the negative role in the play. In the Sophocles’ play Antigone, the character between protagonist and antagonist are blurred. In this play the title character is the protagonist, Creon is…show more content…
Antigone is the protagonist of the story, because she is the one who hold conflicting against Creon. Antigone is a woman who knows the exactly what’s going on her life till the end of the story. Another region is, she has never regretted for what she did. Antigone is the one who moves the action of the play, and she is the one who story tragedy into emotion. Antigone had an argue with a Creon, because Creon announced that the body of polynices not be given a proper burial. Antigone wants to give a proper burial to her brother, so Antigone had a conflict with Creon. She is the one who hides the polynices death body, in spite of Creon’s strict rules and regulation. It is hard to fault someone who is just following their malicious tradition. The original Greek audience, however, would have supported her and feared Creon’s…show more content…
They are the most important character of this play. Creon makes some mistake and he regrets for what he did. He made some strong decision, which makes cause death of Antigone. Antigone fight for her brother bluer till end of the show. Her action and love for her brother makes her Antigone. It is hard to find out who is the antagonist and protagonist between two characters, but their action defines their character. At last, Antigone is protagonist that’s why the title of the play is Antigone. Work Cited Hong, Bonnie. “The Other Is dead: Mourning, Justice, and the Politics of Burial. “TriQuarterly, no. 131, 2007, p. 89+. Ratliff, Gerald Lee. The Oedipus Trilogy. Barron's, 2004. eLibrary. Web. 23 Oct. 2017. Segal, Charles. “Sophocles.” Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome, edited by T. James Luce, vol. 1, Charles Scribner’s sons, 1982. Spargo, R. Clifton. “The apolitics of Antigone’s lament (from Sophocles to Ariel Dorfman).” Mosaic: A Journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature, vol.41. "Sophocles." Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 14 Aug.

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