Antebellum Slavery

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Bassel Aljwaleh 05.06.2015 Antebellum Slavery The main issue in America politics during the years of the late 1840 's to the late 1870 's was slavery. Southerners wanted to keep the tradition of slave labor alive, and were justifying slavery in any way possible. Slavery was an important economic phenomenon in the history of United States. It was a worthwhile economic aspect especially for those that were in power. Studies have been carried to establish this fact. It is approximated that a close to 4million slaves with an attached approximated value of between 3.1and 3.6 lived in the US during the period that was just before the civil war. Slavery was an important institution as masters drew from it…show more content…
While most people supported the role of slavery in the development of the US, a real number was still opposed to the use of slaves. Those that held the issue of slavery thought that it was necessary for the actual development of the country. They thought that the slaves were a productive tool, especially in agriculture and mining. Their use was therefore justified as they could provide the manpower to carry out the activities. The African slaves were particularly endowed in strength and Stamina. They could endure the scorching sun while fulfilling the wishes of their masters. It was, therefore, imperative that such an institution thrived for the accumulative economic good of the country. The supporters of slavery based their arguments mainly on the historical and economic perspective of…show more content…
Its abolition was, therefore, rife. They saw it as an ill treatment of other human beings for economic gains. The exploitation nature of slavery made it go against the general norms of humanity. Religious leaders were in the forefront of the campaign against the practice. This was contributed to by the fact that the issue of slavery did not put the people in the same ranks as prescribed in the Christian teachings. The role of the church in the antislavery campaign is coined around the role that the Quakers played. They were significant in the antislavery campaign. They were instrumental towards the acquisition of slaves from other slave masters for the sole purpose of freeing them. That was achieved, and most slaves were freed in this manner. They formed the antislavery international which is arguably the oldest human rights organization in the world. Its role in the fight against the slavery issue cannot be
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