Anterograde Amnesia Analysis

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A classic childhood movie that most people have seen is Finding Nemo. This film not only extends to provide entertainment for people of all ages it also has psychological content imbedded within the story line. The portrayal of anterograde amnesia plays a prominent role in the life of one of the main characters. This timeless tale is about an adventure that a single father fish goes on to try to get his son back. In an act of disobedience due to a fight with his overprotective father, Nemo ends up being captured by some divers who take him to land to be a fish in a fish tank. Nemo’s father, Marlin, goes on an adventure with a fish named Dory, who suffers from anterograde amnesia. Dory and Marlin go on an adventure filled trip to try and find…show more content…
Anterograde amnesia is defined as the inability to create new memories after a specific event that signals the start of amnesia. In the movie Dory, is constantly having to be reminded of memories that just occurred and is often forgetting things. Dory can remember rudimentary things that happened up to a certain point in her life but after that point, remembering memories becomes a challenge. According to research, the character Dory serves as a fairly accurate. One aspect of anterograde amnesia that is shown in this film is the importance of repetition. The fact that Dory often forgets where she is going, who the people she is with are, and will even forget mid-conversation what she was talking about is a real reality that people with amnesia deal with everyday. Due to the repetition of the address in Sydney, Australia, where Nemo is, she is able to recall and remember that address time and time again. Similar to how we can hold information in our short-term memory longer if we continuously repeat the information, this task helps people who are amnesic to hold on to memories longer. Dory expresses that when she is around Marlin she feels as if she can remember more. This concept, that when people who have anterograde amnesia are surrounded by people they love they are able to remember better, is something that psychologist have been looking into in more recent years and found
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