Anthem And The Time Machine: Literary Analysis

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Anthem and The Time Machine both have many themes to them, but there are two prominent messages that stuck out in the pair of books. I found the way in which they had the same moral, except in different ways. In my sense of the writings, an idea of the stories is that individuality is human nature. In Anthem and The Time Machine, it shows in that Equality 7-2521 and The Time Traveller are both unlike everyone else, but in their own ways. Neither of them could help their individuality, they just were particularly special. Whether it was a sin, or if it was made fun of, they stayed who they were.
Anthem takes a disagreement between an individual and his society to a whole new level. The society in this book controls every part of its members’ lives, from their daily schedules, to their sexual partners, and even when they’re allowed to smile. They are told that they only exist to serve their community. It’s society which chooses what their occupants will do for the rest of their lives, assigning them
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The whole book itself shows that everyone is afraid. Except for Equality 7-2521, he found his human nature in his distinctiveness. He knew that the things he did were a “sin” and that he could get severely punished, but he didn’t care. He found his human nature in Liberty 5-3000. He found his human nature in his light. He found his human nature in “I”. Within all of his pent up uniqueness, he found himself.
Now in The Time Machine, it presents two very different settings, which happen to be the 1890s and the distant future. The Time Traveller finds his way in to the far future where the Eloi play all day and don’t do any work and where almost everyone is stunning and rich. The thing is, that was only a surface look at everything around him. The future stopped appearing so incredibly amazing when The Time Traveller realizes that the social class conflict and structure have merely evolved, rather than being
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