Anthem Equality Analysis

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Throughout Anthem, Equality in the beginning fears of being the different one. In society it was so wrong to be different. To Equality and everyone else it was a curse. It was a curse to 6 feet tall. It was a curse to be smarter than everyone else (Anthem). Equality was shame upon because the government made everyone uniform or at least tried. “We strive to be like our brothers, for all men must be alike.” (Rand, 19). For the fear of being the odd one, Equality had to strive the someone he wasn’t for a long time. ¨We, Equality 7-2521, were not happy in those years in the Home of Students.¨ (21). Since Equality was born smarter than everyone else, Equality found school to be to easy for him. There were no challenges for him in schools it was
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