Anthem Essay On Equality

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Anthem is a book that makes oneself contemplate the future and what evils are bestowed upon it. In this novel, the reader is caught in the life of Equality. Equality’s life is placed in the future, where the feared reality of communism has conquered all but the souls of few weary men. Equality is one of those few men who have a light that is invulnerable to a ravaging wind. Equality’s time captive before his extraordinary escape has taken a toll on his body and mind and now at the end of his journey forces him to question whether the decisions he’s made are full of sin or teeming with righteousness. Most who read this book would not come close to thinking these actions were wrong only the numbers of people in Equality’s generation would think this. Equality’s childhood was limited just as every other person around him. Apart from a few minor distinctions from the regular drone Equality was seemingly regular. One immense difference that changed his life was his level of intelligence. This put him above others and he was punished for being superior in more than one way. Equality was first physically punished than he was rather than being assigned to the house of scholars he was put into the house of street sweepers. This set set him on his track to find out who he really is and what the society he was born into is really about. Equality is not old to today…show more content…
With all of his experience that nobody has known in at least a century he is extremely capable of deciding whether of his choices are right. His personality keeps him from giving up hope and giving up on his society and his companion but keeps him curious enough to keep searching for something better in life. Equality has aged to the point where he thinks he needs to change the world and will try to do so. Most would believe that Equality’s actions were righteous and could not contemplate that his actions were
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