Anthem For A Doomed Youth: Literary Analysis

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A person is inevitably impacted by their emotional and physical surroundings throughout their life. Characters, in literature, who have had their lives warped by their environment can be found in 1984, “The Soldier”, and “Anthem for a Doomed Youth”. The malleable nature of humanity is shaped by the environment; during times of environmental stress and uncertainty humanity may be compromised but when our surroundings offer hope and renewal, humanity flourishes. Through the author’s description of how the environment affects humanity, the reader is given insight into human nature and why characters make the choices they do.
A positive environment will increase an individual 's ability to express their humanity in ways that will prove beneficial to both themselves and others. This healthy expression of humanity is a key component in allowing characters to show love for themselves and others. Oftentimes an author will portray positivity by using favorable adjectives when describing the setting in which the environment lies. This is the case in both “The Soldier” and 1984. In 1984 this positive environment’s impact on love can be seen when Winston and Julia sneak away to the woods to be together. “Winston picked his way up the land through dappled light and shade, stepping out into pools of gold wherever the boughs parted. Under the trees to the left of them the
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Humanity in the works most often entails the love one possess. In 1984 Winston and Julia can only give love to one another when in total secrecy. However, this is ultimately a doomed excursion as Winston’s humanity degrades to the point he betrays Julia in room 101. In “The Soldier” the soldier can give his life for his country, proving his love. In “Anthem for a Doomed Youth” no love can be afforded, as evidenced by the treatment of the dead. All of these differing amounts of

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