Anthem For Doomed Youth By Siegfried Sassoon

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‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ (hitherto Anthem) is a poem written by Wilfred Owen on September 1917. Anthem is a poem about the soldiers passing away in a foreign country and left a big grief to the family left behind in home country. “Suicide in Trenches” (hitherto Suicide) is a poem written by Wilfred Sassoon on 1918. about young man killing him self suffering the war. Both poets are noted by writing the poems during world war 1. Wilfred Owen’s poem “Anthem for doomed youth” and Siegfried Sassoon’s poem “Suicide in Trenches” have both used personification and imagery to portray the theme ‘mental and physical pain that the people will get in war’. However, Sassoon has used shift in tone in last stanza whereas Owen’s tone is consistent.
Personification is effectively used through Owen and Sassoon’s poem to emphasise and adds different meanings. The second line of first stanza “Only the monstrous anger of the guns”, from ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ (hitherto Anthem) is describing the way the guns’ acting towards human as having a ‘monstrous anger’. Since ‘anger’ has already described how fierce it acts, ‘monstrous’ is emphasising its emotion to the peak point where no one can stop it. This verse will make you feel of belligerent mood. “Slept soundly through the lonesome dark” is from the third line of first stanza from Suicide. This verse is describing the ‘dark’ having ‘lonesome’ emotion, to represent the calmness and peaceful circumstance of his night before he joins the army,
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