Anthem For The Underdog Song Analysis

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Ender- Anthem For the Underdog by 12 Stones

Concrete Detail 1: The song “Anthem For the Underdog”, by 12 stones relates to Ender Wiggin because of the lyrics “You try so hard to bring me down, You can't break the broken, You still don't seem to understand, It's your turn to see just, How it feels to be me, How it feels to be knocked down”. 12 Stone’s lyrics are saying that even though people are trying to bring them down, they are already broken and they want others to see how they feel.

Commentary 1: This could be the theme song for Ender Wiggin based on these lyrics because Ender has already been broken by battle school. He is no longer the child we met at the beginning of the book. Since the Buggers are the ones that made him have to go into this training, he wants them to have to go through the pain and suffering he did.
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These lyrics meaning that when someone thought they had them beat, they did not because they had experienced more in their life, and they will not back down.

Commentary 2: 12 Stone’s song, “Anthem For the Underdog”, is a good theme song for Ender Wiggin because when the other toon leaders in battle school thought that they had Ender beat, they were wrong. Ender had already gone through so much pain, even though he was a lot younger than the rest of them. Since he has been though that pain, he does not want to have to go through it again, so he will put that pain towards others and will not take the other toon leaders trying to beat him.

Peter- Burn It To the Ground by

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