Anthem Prometheus Character Analysis

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Equality 7-2521 is the main character of the novel “Anthem”. Later he is called “ The Unconquered”, named by a woman whom he deeply loves. Finally he gives himself a named, from a character in a book he read called, Prometheus. Prometheus himself symbolises bravery, intelligence, curiosity, and divergence. He shows bravery while finding the opening of the tunnel that he doesn't know what down there or what could happen to him. He keeps what he found from the Scholars of the town, and he breaks the rules staying out late and not doing what post to do,like cleaning the streets. Talking even looking at a women is forbidden, but he loved and did everything he didn’t post to do, by talking to her and looking at her everyday. When he accidentally…show more content…
He did what he wanted to do no matter the consequences, like he when refused to talk to the high power people when they asked where has he been, stole things for himself to use in the tunnel, like candles, flints, knives, paper, glass vials, powders, acids and even manuscripts. He also escaped prison when he was caught for breaking the laws that he committed. The reason for the author to included these things is to show that people is all different and people can also change no matter who they are. Everyone had little bit everything in them as well, a little curiosity, intelligence and bravery. Another reason for the author to put those characteristics in this Prometheus is to have people think they have these characteristics or want these characteristics. So the thematic significance that the author is trying to show is, take some risk, have some bravery now and then don’t live a boring live. Be curious see amazing things do amazing things. Just be different, being different isn’t bad, and it might just make your life even better. Prometheus did these things and now he has a home, friends, and a woman he deeply
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