The Great Corrupted In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The Great Corrupter “The great corrupter of public man is the ego. Looking at the mirror distracts ones attention from the problem” (Dean Acheson). Anthem by (Ayn Rand) illustrates that people, in general, are egoistic, she demonstrates this through the book Anthem. Near the End of the book Equality uses a new set of rules for him and the Golden One, they just got away from a controlling gov’t, but Equality is now controlling the Golden One. What the Council doesn’t understand is that everyone has a personality, and they often have very different personalities, a few characters stand out, their ego is very large, the world council and Equality. Rand, the author of Anthem, created characters in Anthem that are completely different from each…show more content…
People Anthem even though though their society is based the council the council only cares about themselves. For example in the book Equality tries to give the light to the council, Equality thought that he would be cleansed of for his, “Sins” and they’ll use his discovery for the greater good. The council also did other various things to other people, for example they burned and torchered a guy that didn’t think like they the council did. Equality talked about how when he was little, he saw a man smiling at him, but this man seemed torchered. They burned him at the steak! The only way that someone has something like that done to him, is if the council didn’t like what he was suggesting or trying and he was trying to be violent. In the book nobody 's supposed to talk about this war, what is the council trying to hide from its people. It seems that they just want to protect their image. Another person that stands out about being Egoistic, is the main character named Equality. When Equality finally gets away from the tainted society he’s finally happy, but when he finds out he’s being followed, the Golden one came, (Anthem Rand) and fault by her she bowed. Equality thinks now he can do what he want to now. So later he name him and her, why can’t she name herself? Equality is a little more justified in being selfish, because not anyone can up and leave their beliefs from when they were very
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