Anthem: The Lack Of Individualism In The Society

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Throughout the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand it can be seen that the lack of individualism in the society affects the people living in it. The characters in Anthem lack the individuality that is needed for a society to advance quickly. One example can be seen in the main character Equality. He learns very quickly compared to the other students in his class giving him an advantage which he cannot control. The lack of individualism and it’s issues can also be seen when Equality takes the light bulb to the council leaving them in awe and fear. Another time when the lack of individualism is used in the novel Anthem is when Equality and Liberty reach the house in the Uncharted Forest and began to understand the word “I”. Ayn Rand displays the negative…show more content…
In the home there is many pieces of literature that Equality then begins to study. While reading he discovered the word “I” and began to realize the importance of the word. “I understood why the best of me had been my sins and transgressions; why I had never felt guilt in my sins.” (Equality 98). Equality began to understand the concept of individualism and realized that all of his “sins” were not truly sins. They were just his little hints of individuality that he had. He discovers that not only his thoughts are important, but everyone's. “... I shall call to my friend who has no name... Fraternity 2-550, who cries without reason, and Solidarity 9-6347 who calls for help in the night.” (Equality 101). Equality states he must release his friends and let them out into the world do that they can become their own individuals. He realizes there is something important about them because they experience something different from him and many others in Anthem’s collectivist society. Equality sees that their individualism can rebuild the world back to how it used to be. Individuality is important for the world and everyone in it for it provides new
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