Anthem's Corrective Detention

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Anthem’s Corrective Detention Vs. Modern Day Prisons and Jails When comparing modern day jails to Anthem’s corrective detention, it can be observed that today’s jails and prisons have strikingly more freedom than the Palace of Corrective Detention. Anthem, written by Ayn Rand, is based on a dystopian society, where the character Equality attempts to be an individual, which results him being thrown in jail. The Palace of Corrective Detention deviates from modern day prisons and jails because of the security, living conditions and the treatment of prisoners. The Palace of Corrective Detention is a place with poor security, living conditions and the treatment of prisoners. The security of the Palace of Corrective Detention is not…show more content…
Modern day prisons and jails provide righteous security, living conditions and treatment of the prisoners who have committed a crime, compared to the detention facility in Anthem. Today, security in public and private places has played a great role in providing safe environments, especially in prisons and jails. Modern day prisons and jails tend to be isolated and far from cities (especially prisons), making it difficult to escape because the escaped prisoner would have to travel a long distance in discretion, without getting caught. Although there are different levels of prisons such as medium security, close security, maximum security, supermax and federal penitentiaries, they all are watched at all times. Furthermore, advanced technology has prevented inmates from escaping prisons and jails. Technology such has cameras, alarms, and a radio-frequency tracking bracelet has prevented inmates from escaping. Surveillance cameras allow for guards to be always watching, alarms in areas that inmates shouldn’t be alerts for possible danger, and lastly radio-frequency tracking bracelets which monitors the…show more content…
Additionally, present living conditions in prisons and jails are more humane than the living conditions Equality suffered through. For instance, cells in modern day prisons and jail have bedding, a sink, toilet, and desk for inmates who stay overnight or over a long period of time. In any case, present prisons and jails require inmates to wear clothing, 3Mourad most of the time inmates are given jumpsuits, underwear, undershirts, pants, shirts, shoes and a jacket. In any type of modern prisons or jails, inmates can eat three times a day for proper
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