Anthony Diggs Reflection

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I am utterly naïve. I crave knowledge. Information is more complex than powerful. Even in this year of 2015 AD, where technology can be easily accessed and beautifully bountiful of knowledge from a computer to even a smartphone device, I still do not fully comprehend popular topics; for example, presidential elections that will not even occur until a three hundred and sixty days. At first, I thought that I would never bond with such excruciatingly detailed subjects. I was outrageously, positively mistaken. With just my recorder, a pen and paper, and a pair of attentive ears, Anthony Diggs has greatly enlightened me in a positive fashion. I suppose it is due to speaking towards another person instead to being glued towards a screen. Then again, we have…show more content…
Diggs depicts a colorful picture. He has been all over the world through his career, and his personal experience has been infused with adventure and combat. He mostly speaks about “Desert Storm”—an event that I believe that he is the most acquainted with—and how he had to endure harsh conditions to achieve certain goals, such as: “staying alive”, sleeping during bitter sandstorms, and avoid being grazed by speeding bullets. Rounds of ammunitions are lethal, yet when they whizzed across his face, Mr. Diggs happily finds a rush of adrenaline in the midst of warfare. Mr. Diggs enjoys bursts of adrenaline in action. The “action” he describes within my interviews is a superb and fascinating definition. It is highly unique for his taste, considering he was a part of the Marine Corps for eleven years. From hunting to fishing, the wilderness is his domain to feel exhilarating euphoria and nostalgia. It is gleeful anticipation: a drive that prompts an accelerating heart towards a tempo of fortissimo. Sometimes he will play heavy metal to achieve a similar thrill. It is a recreation of the previous battlefield minus the extreme possibility of
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