Anthony Glass Essay

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Anthony Glass is merchant from Natchez, Mississippi (Baird and Goble 54). The book written by Baird and Goble, “Oklahoma a history,” has a map showing this explorers routes on page 49. Glass’s journey only takes part of a small portion of this map. However, he doesn’t fall short of making an impact in history with his traveling. In the year of 1808 and 1809, Anthony Glass led a group of merchants to the Red River region (O’Dell). On this journey, Glass and the group of merchants traded with the local American Indians. However, trading wasn’t the only thing Glass was doing on these trips. Glass was writing in a journal. He documented events that happened along his travels. He wrote about the many trades he dealt. He also described the natives and how they lived. Glass…show more content…
The book “Oklahoma a history” has a map showing this explorers routes on page 49 (Baird and Goble 60). The path is a winding trail, opposed to a straight path. The trail starts on the bottom right of the now known state of Oklahoma. From the bottom right, the trail continues north, then gradually turns to the east. The path stops before the midway point of the state. Nuttall publishes his first journals of the accounts written during his first western trip in “The Genera of North American Plants”, and a “Catalogue of the Species” (Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography 2). Although, Nuttall didn’t just write about the wildlife and flowers around him, he also wrote about his travel through areas. Some people obtain a copy of Nuttall’s journal and retrace his steps between the Little Rive and the Cimarron River (Baird and Goble 60). The fact that someone could read a journal and be able to follow the writer’s directions to a place on the map just shows how well Nuttall knew how to write. Nuttall must have given clear and concise directions in his journal. It also shows that he knows that future generations would find his journals
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